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Back to the Drawing Board

Over 37,000 years back, to be exact. Back then, man scrawled on cave walls. Whether they were for communication, legacy or simply created out of sheer boredom, those drawings have continued to captivate the world for centuries.

In these times when connectivity is of the utmost importance and people are tweeting, pinning, sharing and posting at an amazing rate, it seems that basic methods are where it’s at, once again.

With all its privacy issues and constant functionality updates, Facebook appears to have made some people grow tired of having to “facebook.” Yes, people still use Facebook; I’m not saying that they don’t, but somewhere it seems to have lost that novelty. There are those who would now rather just click ”Like” or “Share” and move on. Oh yes, of course, we still provide the occasional status update (which I personally have not done in ages). We’ve all heard about Facebook wearout, that’s nothing new. But when you look at the rest of that story, something interesting starts to appear, kind of like Polaroid film when it’s shaken.

People love to share. We all know that. They just want to do it simply and with no hassle. And when you build that, that’s when you have an instahit or should I say… Instagram.

Take a look at a few quick stats:

·  Instagram gains one new user every second.

·  Four billion photos have been taken with Instagram.

·  Users upload 5 million photos a day, which boils down to roughly 58 photos each second.

·  575 “Likes” per second.

·  Instagram is poised to reach 100 million users  just two years after its 2010 release.  That’s faster than any other social media has grown in acceptance.

·  Instagram had an average of 7.3 million daily active users, 400,000 more than Twitter.

All this makes me think that we’re going back to a Stone Age mentality of sorts. Would people prefer to share a picture worth a thousand words than have to type those thousand words out? I think so, and so do 80 million other Instagram users.


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